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Anonymous asked: And Captain Swan is SO much more romantic, with rape-y lines and her repeatedly stating she doesn't like him that way, so hey let's reduce Emma to a love interest!! If she has to be with a guy let's give her one who deserves her.



My followers know that I am a very nice person. But I am not a pushover. Oh dear anon, it is you who are the whiny one. I just said I was irritated by how some fans take it too far. You are now coming to my blog to spew your opinions which I did not ask for. I was respectful in answering your other messages.

1. I don’t see a romantic connection with Regina and Emma. I do with Hook and Emma.

2. No idea what lines you think are “rape-y” 

3. It is romantic. Hook is the only one who has consistently been there for Emma (and backed off if needed but never abandoned her). He believes in her. He understands the love she has for her son. He loves and believes in her so much that he traded away his home for her. 

4. They both deserve each other. 

I could write an essay on points 1-4 but I have neither the time nor the desire to do so.

That is all. Please feel free to unfollow as I do not have time for people coming into my inbox to whine about such things.


I ship Captain Swan. You don’t.


When does she repeatedly state that she doesn’t like him that way? I’m sure the Anon has examples of this right? They can’t possibly be talking out of their ass right?

Of course they have examples. It can’t possibly be that they’re just repeating anti-cs talking points in a transparent attempt to convince others that Emma repeatedly rejected Hook in canon, right?

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Horrible Things

how do you do it?
do what?
live with yourself, knowing all the horrible things you've done.
why don't you ask Cora that question, or even Regina?
no, seriously, Snow, which "horrible things" have you witnessed Gold do?
he, uh, took my pearl necklace... he almost took Ella's baby
yeah... *almost*
he took a hair, enchanted Charming's ring so he could find me,
he also put a spell that would stop Regina from ever harming us in the Enchanted Forest
and he told us about the curse Regina is about to cast and how to break it...
did you know that he planned all this? did you know his motives?
no. . .
did you ever see him kill the snail, or pretend to torture Robin Hood, or kill Milah or kill anyone for that matter?
no . . .
so which "horrible things" are you talking about?

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shortforabaddon asked: Unpopular opinion: Rumbellers ships Swanfire because Neal is Baelfire, otherwise they would hate Neal like the rest of us.






I think it is a big reason yes, most of the shippers i met indeed shipped SF for Baelfire aka the connection to Rumple and Belle

This is bullshit. Not every Rumbeller ships Swanfire cause Rumple is Bae’s father. That’s a ridiculously idiotic reason to ship them.

I like Bae for that reason (it’s not the only reason, but I ship Swanfire because it was a brilliant story.

That’s an unpopular opinion to be sure. But it’s wrong.

Just because some people dislike Neal - I suspect this might have to do with a preference for a certain pirate - doesn’t mean that everybody failed to appreciate a really intriguing character on his own merits! I really liked the dynamic between Neal & Emma, and especially liked the possibilities of him really forming a solid relationship with Henry regardless of how shit went down with his baby mama. This really discounts the complexity of the character, and that’s a shame.

Nah. Some people dislike Neal on his own merits. Some people, people who would never refer to Emma as Neal’s “baby mama,” disliked Neal as soon as we saw him plot with a legendary liar behind seventeen year old Emma’s back. A plot which led to Emma’s incarceration and forced her to make the most difficult choice of her sad and lonely young life. I disliked him immensely from that moment on, but I saw what they were trying to do. They were going to bring Neal back into Emma’s life and he would be apologetic and he would try to reunite with Emma, or so I thought. Instead, they brought him back with a fiancee and he treated Emma with even less respect than before, if that’s even possible.

Honestly, as someone who loved young Bae and could see the writing on the wall as soon as Michael Raymond James appeared in “Broken,” I was crossing my fingers and hoping that they wouldn’t go with the obvious twist and make Neal Bae. They miscalculated because they thought the audience would forgive him anything once they found out he was Rumple’s son, but most of the audience didn’t care. Then they used an eleven year old child to prop him and make Emma, the uncontested victim in that relationship, look bad. They failed.

If this were really about a certain pirate, I’d see lots of Emma stans and Charming Family Fans (of which I am both) shipping Swanfire, but I really don’t. Do you know why? Because what he did to Emma and how he treated her after they met again is the number one reason not to ship SF and not to like the character of Neal. Certain pirates have nothing to do with it.

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